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One of the cornerstones of the company is the ability of our project managers to drive projects to a successful conclusion and satisfy customers. Project managers are assigned to individual projects, serve as the primary point of contact with customers, and manage a project team assembled from our matrix organization. This process includes the following:


  • Fully understanding the customer’s project objectives, requirements, and schedule

  • Translating customer’s project objectives, requirements, and schedule into a clear, concise, and accurate scope of work, project task break down, and detailed schedule including project milestones

  • Sequencing and executing project tasks, utilizing manpower efficiently, and driving projects to completion - on time and budget

  • Managing the customer interface with contract administration, status meetings, design reviews, information transfer, and schedule information

  • Working closely with customers to ensure a seamless integration of the design into their standards, format, product structure, and database systems

  • Using project management techniques informed by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) to ensure projects are completed accurately, the first time, by having processes to:

    • allocate qualified personnel

    • schedule regular internal and customer technical reviews

    • facilitate efficient communication and data transfer with the customer

    • track and check project files, data, and release information

  • Utilizing a tracking system that assigns project tasks and monitors the status of projects in real time


Pioneer Solutions has experienced project managers who have managed large scale, multi-million-dollar projects. These managers have managed projects from the machine specification phase through design, prototype, test, production, and support. The company is experienced at working with multiple parties from remote locations as it provides services to many different global equipment manufacturers.

  • Product Management & Planning

  • Market Research and Competitor Analysis

  • Machine/System Performance Analysis and Definition of Requirements

  • Technical Specifications Development

  • “Clean Sheet” New Product Development

  • “Upgrade” New Product Development

  • Concept Design and Feasibility Studies

  • Emerging Technology Research and Investigations

  • System/Component Design, Modeling, and Analysis

  • Design Review and Verification

  • Reliability/Performance Improvements

  • Design Optimization, Manufacturing Simplifications, and Cost Reductions

  • Design for Global Markets

  • Failure Investigations and Resolutions

  • After-Market Projects

Pioneer Solutions can be used in a variety of ways to complement your existing engineering capabilities:

  • Provide heavy and off-highway equipment industry expertise

  • Add engineering depth and manpower to meet project goals and schedule

  • Supply qualified resources to reduce project timelines

  • Provide a “fresh set of eyes” to review design approach and concepts

  • Offer parallel path solutions to resolve critical design issues

  • Add technical skill sets to enhance and broaden capabilities

  • Modify product for sale in global markets


Effective Resource

Project Management


In this business segment, Pioneer Solutions provides high-level design, engineering, technical, and project management services to equipment OEMs and end-users which are used in supporting the entire product life cycle.

Pioneer Solutions’ Consulting Services business segment utilizes the company’s long history, extensive experience, and broad technical expertise in the design and engineering of heavy and off-highway equipment. 

Commercial Relationships

Pioneer Solutions’ primary business engagement is somewhat atypical for the engineering services industry. The company performs most work on an individual project and fixed price basis. Most of our customers prefer this model because it defines the total project cost prior to project start, removes the burden of managing and tracking contractor resources and hours, and guarantees schedule and quality at no additional cost. Other relationship opportunities include long term retainers, exclusive alliances, and teaming arrangements.


We suggest smaller starter projects to new clients to validate our capabilities and value.

Consulting Services

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