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Wet Brake Features 

Multiple Piston ActuationWet Brake Product Line

  • Independent piston design offers better sealing and higher reliability compared to single annular piston design

  • Built-in automatic wear adjustment provides consistent braking response

  • Spring retraction reduces residual brake drag

  • Modular pistons can accommodate a variety of system apply pressures


High Quality Friction Material

  • Industry tested and proven material is used in the brake friction pack

  • High energy, glaze resistant friction material provides reliable operation, performance, and longer service life


Expandable Friction Pack

  • Each brake series can be customized to handle different energy and stopping requirements with minor changes to the brake

Adaptable Mounting

  • Adaptability designed into brake mounting surfaces

  • Brakes can easily accommodate new or existing axle configurations

Integral Maintenance Inspection

  • Friction pack wear can be measured without disassembly of the brake or axle


Maximized Parts Commonality

  • Front and rear brake designs are virtually identical

  • Simplifies maintenance training and spare parts inventory

Sealed Design

  • Unaffected by the harsh mining environment

  • High performance metal face seals protect the brakes from external contamination and internal mixing of cooling oil and gear oil

Pioneer Solutions’ Wet Brakes are engineered to provide reliable performance while maintaining a flexible design that can adapt to a variety of OEM axle configurations and hydraulic systems.

Pioneer Solutions’ Manufactured Products business segment utilizes the company’s OEM background and experience in the areas of design, engineering, manufacturing, supplier development, prototyping, testing, and quality management to supply highly engineered components that require advanced manufacturing processes and high levels of quality. 

In this business segment, Pioneer Solutions invests in, and develops, its own component/system intellectual property, supports customers with design integration, manufactures, and supplies physical products. The company also supports the verification testing, product support, and spare part needs connected to the products it supplies.

Braking Experts

Pioneer Solutions utilizes over 30 years of brake and braking systems experience to design, manufacture, and supply Oil Cooled Disc Brakes to off-highway dump truck manufacturers. Off-highway dump trucks have extreme braking requirements and are used in some of the harshest environments. Oil Cooled Disc Brakes, also known as Wet Brakes, offer a higher degree of performance, productivity, and safety, and can endure more abusive applications while maintaining reliable and cost-effective performance. Pioneer Solutions offers Wet Brake solutions for dump trucks with payloads of 25 to 400 tons.

Wet Brake Product Line

Pioneer Solutions’ Wet Brakes are designed to operate on both mechanical drive and electric drive dump trucks. Pioneer Solutions offers brakes that can be used on both the front and rear axle of a dump truck. Pioneer Solutions’ Wet Brakes are classified by tire and rim size. Within a given series, Pioneer Solutions’ flexible design can accommodate different size dump trucks with minor changes to the internal components.

Pioneer Solutions’ 6300 Series brakes are fully compatible with, and integrated into, Wabtec Corporation (formerly GE Transportation) 320AC, 360AC, and 400AC wheelmotor assemblies.


Market Trend to Four Corner Wet Brakes

Four corner Wet Brakes are becoming more popular on off-highway dump trucks and are the preference of major quarry and mining companies. Wet Brake safety, performance, and service life advantages provide dump truck operators with a more reliable and productive dump truck solution. 

Advantages of Wet Brakes Systems
  • Eliminates Axle Fire Risk – wet brakes are completely enclosed, cooled, and operate at much lower temperatures compared to dry brakes.

  • Increased Stopping Power – wet brakes provide more friction area and brake torque compared to dry brakes.

  • Consistent Brake Torque – wet brake torque does not fade like dry brakes, because they are cooled; the friction material is constantly immersed with cooling oil. Dry brake torque fades because their friction properties decrease as disc temperature increases.

  • Exceeds ISO 3450 – wet brake systems easily exceed the rigorous static and dynamic requirements of the ISO 3450 brake certification, which become increasing more challenging in larger truck sizes.

  • Front Brake Blending – trucks that utilize front wet brakes provide blend in capability during the retard operation. This provides Increased Braking Stability and can Enhance Retard Power– beneficial in a downhill loaded condition.

  • Longer Service Life – wet brakes have Longer Service Life which results in Lower Maintenance Costs compared to dry brakes.

Electro-Hydraulic Brake Control Systems

Pioneer Solutions utilizes over 30 years of brake and braking systems experience to design, manufacture, and supply Traction Assist and Downhill Speed Control Systems to off-highway mechanical drive dump truck manufacturers. 

Traction Assist System

Traction Assist System (“TAS”) is an automated computer controlled electro-hydraulic system that improves the traction of a dump truck operating in slippery ground conditions.


Using front and rear wheel speed sensors, the TAS detects when a rear tire begins to lose traction and spins at faster rate than the rear tire with traction. The TAS then automatically applies the rear brake, using electro-hydraulic valves, to the rear tire that is slipping which allows the driveline torque to be transmitted to the tire that has traction, improving the dump truck’s ability to move forward in slippery ground conditions. 


When the TAS is enabled and active, it is constantly monitoring front and rear wheel speeds and automatically controlling the application of individual rear brakes to improve the dump truck performance. The TAS can be enabled/disabled by the operator using a switch in the cab and is also automatically disabled when the dump truck exceeds the speed of 24 kph (15 mph).


Downhill Speed Control System

Down Hill Speed Control  System (“DSCS”) is an automated computer controlled electro-hydraulic system maintains a pre-defined engine speed (rpm) using brakes when travelling down a long grade (slope).


Using data inputs from the dump truck and an operator selected transmission gear, the DSCS monitors engine speed as the dump truck is travelling down a grade. The DSCS will automatically apply front and rear brakes (ideally or just rear wet brakes if the truck has dry disc front brakes) to maintain a pre-defined engine rpm – typically in the 1,800 to 1,900 range.

Other Products

Pioneer Solutions’ extensive OEM background in the areas of design, engineering, manufacturing, supplier development, prototyping, testing, and quality management provides additional opportunities to develop, manufacture, and supply components in the following areas:

  • Hydraulic manifolds and valves

  • Hydraulic cylinders

  • Hydraulic “by-wire” systems

  • Suspension cylinders

  • Differential gearing

  • Planetary gearing

  • Complete drive axles for mechanical or electric drives

  • Structural components using fabrication, welding, castings, and/or forgings

The company is interested in developing new components and systems for customers. 

Oil Cooled Disc Brakes

Manufactured Products

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