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Component Testing
  • Laboratory

  • Dynamometer

  • Material Properties

  • Structural and Fatigue

  • Reliability and Life

  • Performance

Field Testing
  • Performance

  • Productivity

  • Reliability

  • Fuel Consumption

  • Marketing/Product Support Audits

  • Failure Investigation and Root Cause Analysis

  • Application Data Collection

Certification Testing
  • International Standards

  • Operator Protection, Steering, and Brakes

Technical Areas
  • Structural

  • Hydraulics

  • Power Train

  • Electrical/Controller

  • Complete Machine

Pioneer Solutions’ Testing Services business segment utilizes the company’s OEM background and experience in the areas of new product development, validation testing, and field failure analysis. 

In this business segment, Pioneer Solutions provides test program planning, execution, and reporting services to equipment OEMs and end-users which are used in supporting the entire product life cycle. One example of a Testing Services solution that Pioneer Solutions provides, that contains many of the Capabilities and Solutions detailed below, is the management of a customer machine test site in central Ohio. This management include supervision of the site, workshop, heavy equipment technicians, and machine test planning, execution, data recording, and report writing.




  • Definition of Test Goals

  • Development of Test Plan

  • Definition of Test Procedure

  • Execution of Test

  • Test Engineering

  • Mobile Test Equipment and Data Acquisition

  • Analysis of Test Data

  • Formulation of Test Result Conclusions

  • Formal Test Reports

Testing Services

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